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Musical Links for the Heart and Soul

CD Now: Fill your needs for Natalie Merchant music and more!
CD Now: Check out this hot Semisonic merchandise!
Wall of Sound: Check out the latest on your favorite artists!
Rolling Stone: Artist bios, music news, and more!
Quotations from John Muir: Really great quotes from one of America's greatest conservationists
The Ishmael Community: Find out more about a very wonderful book and a new way of thinking about human society

Welcome to Copper's Homepage!

Glad that you came to visit! My page is basically devoted to that wonderful and enriching place known as our earth. Continue your adventure through this great expanse by exploring the new ampitheatre girls built in 1998 at camp, checking out some of my favorite nature and environment quotes and books, poems, and essays, reading more about my research,or looking into some other interesting areas that relate to nature, music, and just plain fun!

We discovered this racoon while checking out sites for the ampitheatre

Thanks for being number to visit my page!

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